Childhood Memories Project…

Childhood Memories:  A History of Children’s Play Around the World

For several years Dr. Gary Pennington has been collecting stories from people around the world about their play experiences as children.  Now, in collaboration with the Sechelt Public Library, the goal is to collect more stories and compile them into a database that will not only be of interest to the general public but also be useful to researchers in many fields.  A major intent of our project is to show how the play of children has changed over time.  Eventually our plan is to make these stories available on the internet in an effort to chronicle childhood play over many generations and cultures.

We invite you and your family to participate in our project.  In addition to contributing your memories to our database, we encourage you to make a copy of your completed questionnaire as it can be a valuable part of your own family’s history.

You can pick up a copy of the questionnaire to fill out by hand at home and return it, complete the survey online, or download a .pdf version you can fill out on your computer.